We’re Hiring!

We are so excited to announce that Teller of Tales Photography is looking for new associate photographers and videographers to add to the team!

We are turning away too many clients and want to be able to expand our services by growing a talented and dedicated team. We take this very seriously, and will only hire if we feel like you’re the right fit for our business.

Teller of Tales Photography

What We’re Looking For

  • An experienced photographer that is capable of handling any situation that weddings bring – harsh light, no light, changes in the day etc. You have a variety of weddings to show in different setting situations.
  • You are a natural storyteller.
  • You understand how much work the couples have put into their day, and how special it truly is. This job is important and what we provide clients will only become more valuable in their lives over time.
  • A friendly, approachable and understanding person. This is a once in a lifetime day for our clients and we have to bring our best selves every single time, no matter what happens – experience is everything to us.
  • A problem solver – it’s more often than not that something goes wrong at weddings – off schedule, location change, or whatever it may be. You need to be able to be a quick problem solver to move past these issues.
  • Organization – staying organized is the absolute key to a wedding – you know what you need to do, and how to achieve it.
  • You have all your own professional gear – full frame is a must have, as well as a back up camera.
  • You must have reliable transportation.
  • You must be comfortable working with another associate as a lead or second shooter. All of our packages will always come with two photographers.
  • You are a professional contractor with insurance.
  • You must love bulldogs, and be ok with their squishy, drooly faces.

Job Outline

  • You will be working alongside others as either a lead photographer, second shooter, or videographer. It’s an added bonus if you’re comfortable with any of those roles.
  • Most jobs you will do will be weekend or evening work.
  • We take care of all business items.
  • You are responsible for photographing or filming the wedding day, and uploading to our shared folder. From there we will back it up and do the edits. There’s no editing required from you.
  • We primarily only shoot weddings, but there are opportunities to do families, and possibly businesses in the future if interested.
  • Be kind, and bring your best self to every session, wedding, and client interactions. Experience is everything!
  • Compensation ranges from $75/hr – $100/hr depending on what role you’re filling and experience level.
  • We will provide training to represent the Teller of Tales brand and style.
  • As a contract worker, there is no guarantee on how many jobs will be assigned to you.
  • The occasional bulldog cuddles may be possible.

If you’re interested please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, it can be directed to info@telleroftales.ca. We don’t have a closing date, but please give us a bit of time to filter through all applications.

Thanks so much for your interest, and we’re so excited to hear from you!